Food Managers Training

Please follow the directions below to begin your Food Handler and Food Manager training. Food Handler training will cost $25 and Food Manager training will cost $80.

If you are obtaining certification for the first time with this system then please follow all of the following steps to view the information on Food Manager and Food Handler testing through the Montgomery County Health Department website. If you have used this system in the past for certification then follow step 1 then 5-9 for recertification.

Please use Google Chrome or Firefox to use the system.

  1. Click on:
  2. Click on “Register” in the top right-hand corner of the screen
  3. Input your information to create an account for yourself
  4. Write down login information and keep for future access of your account
  5. Select “Food Manager” or “Food Handler” training depending on which you need
  6. Pay the fee associated with the test you choose
  7. Watch the videos and take the exam
  8. Print out your certificate for your employer
  9. Make sure to log out of your account