Montgomery County Health Department Covid-19 Progress

It has been two whole years since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. The health department’s mission has been to help control the spread of Covid-19. Over the past two years, we have worked tirelessly to fulfill this mission by sharing information, educating the public, providing covid-19 testing, isolating cases, and quarantining contacts. We have also worked with local and regional partners by transferring Covid-19 vaccines, providing personal protective equipment to residential facilities and businesses, providing rapid tests to local residential facilities, and supporting our local partners during outbreaks and surges. We appreciate the past and continued hard work and support of our local partners and residents. However needed throughout this pandemic, we have all come together to help each other. As we reflect on the past two years, we would like to share our efforts with the public.

The Montgomery County Health Department has:

✅ Administered: 10,746 doses of Covid-19 Vaccine

✅ Transferred/Transported to our local and regional partners: 7,298 doses of Covid-19 vaccine.

✅ Quarantined: 11,630 contacts

✅ Isolated: 9,012 cases

✅ Tested: 11,270 individuals

We are optimistic that the future will bring brighter days and thank our local and regional partners for all of their hard work over the past two years.