Permitted Food Establishments

Food Service Establishments

Food service and retail food establishments are inspected two times per year along with any necessary follow-up inspections. The Local Health Department conducts inspections and regulates based on all pertinent and current health codes. All establishments must obtain a permit to operate and permit fees can be seen below.

For more information regarding the Kentucky Food Code and regulations, visit the Food Safety Branch website:

Food Service Establishment Permit Fees

Annual Permit: $125
1-25 seats: $75
26-50 seats: $125
51-100 seats: $155
101-200 seats: $185
201 + seats: $215
(+) Drive Through Window: $155
(+) Catering: $135

Statewide Mobile Food Unit: $200

Limited Food Concessions: $125

Retail Food Store Fees

0-1,000 sq feet: $90
1,001-10,000 square feet: $155
10,001-20,000 square feet: $215
20,001-30,000 square feet: $250
>30,001 square feet: $375
Mobile Retail Food Store: $60

Temporary Food Service/Events

*Permit must be obtained at least 2 days prior to the event*

1–3 day event: $60
4-7 day event: $90
8-14 day event: $125
Farmers Market: $100

Bed and Breakfast

Full breakfast: $87
Continental breakfast: $67

Home-based Processing

Applications for Home-Based Processing are available online or in person at the Kentucky Food Safety Branch or UK Extension Service Offices. A Kentucky resident may, in their home kitchen, produce ONLY the following items as a home-based processor:

  • dried herbs
  • spices
  • nuts
  • candy (candy shall be produced without alcohol, and made with no bare-hand contact)
  • dried grains
  • granola that may be made with dried grains
  • trail or snack mix that may be made with dried fruit, nuts, or seeds
  • whole fruits and vegetables
  • dried or freeze-dried fruits and vegetables
  • mixed-greens
  • jams & jellies (low-acid, low-sugar, and savory jams & jellies should be approved through the UK Microprocessing program)
  • sweet sorghum syrup
  • maple syrup
  • preserves
  • fruit butter
  • bread
  • fruit pies
  • pecan pies
  • cakes
  • cookies
  • popcorn that may be plain or has added seasonings.

*Labels are required for products and must be approved by the state*

For more information on Home-Based Processing:


Microprocessors must grow a primary product ingredient. Microprocessed food products may be sold at farmers markets, certified roadside stands, or from the microprocessor facility. Several steps are required before your application may be submitted to the Food Safety Branch. Microprocessors must attend a Homebased Microprocessor (HBM) workshop. For inquiries regarding course dates, contact the UK Extension service at 859- 257 1812.

For more information on Microprocessing:

Commercial Manufacturing

The Food Manufacturing Program oversees businesses that formulate and process food for wholesale distribution and grain storage facilities and food storage warehouses. All Kentucky area food inspectors are registered sanitarians credentialed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

For more information:

If you are interested in making a product for wholesale or retail:

Vending Companies and Machines

This program deals with machines that dispense potentially hazardous foods and drinks that are not prepackaged. Machines are inspected once every three years.

Annual Fees:

Commissary: $125
1-25 machines: $60
26-50 machines: $90
51-100 machines: $125
101-150 machines: $155
151 or more machines: $250