Environmental Complaint Guidelines and Protocols

Current Environmental Complaint Guidelines and Protocols may be found by clicking the link below:

Environmental Complaint Guidelines and Protocols

The Montgomery County Health Department cares about our community. Public Health is a team effort and we want to work with you! If you would like to make a complaint, please click on the provided form. The form should be filled out to its entirety and turned into the health department in person between 8:00-10:00AM Monday-Friday. All complaints must be recorded to initiate an investigation.

Nuisance Complaint forms can also be picked up at the health department.

Kentucky Food Safety Reporting

The Kentucky Department for Public Health launched a foodborne illness reporting system in early October 2022. If you suspect that more than one person has become ill after eating the same food or food from a common source, please contact the Montgomery County Health Department or use the Food Safety Reporting website to file an online foodborne illness report soon after an illness occurs. Foodborne illnesses may occur after ingesting food that is contaminated biologically, chemically, and even physically. Symptoms of a foodborne illness are often times vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, fever, headache, upset stomach, and abdominal cramping. Additionally, when a foodborne illness outbreak is first suspected, the germ that caused people to become sick likely is unknown. Laboratory testing to identify that germ is a critical piece of the puzzle that will help focus the investigation. If you are ill with symptoms you believe may be associated with an outbreak, it is recommended you see your doctor so samples (like a stool specimen) can be collected for laboratory testing.

A note on last meal bias

People often associate their illness with the last food or meal they consumed. While there are some germs (particularly toxins) that cause illness to develop as quickly as 30 minutes after consumption, many foodborne illnesses can take up to three days or longer to develop. When thinking about what might have made you ill, it is helpful to review the food items you ate over the last several days.

Click the link below to visit or submit a foodborne illness report.